April 02, 2014

Career Spotlight: Andrea Winterstetter

Get to know the graduates of the MSc Program „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“. Find out why they have decided just on this MSc program and what professional career changes they have made.

Today in conversation with: Andrea Winterstetter, BA, MSc (Research assistant / PhD Candidate at Christian Doppler Labor "Anthropogenic Resources", TU Vienna), Alumna Class 2010-2012

Why did you choose for the ETIA master course at the Vienna University of Technology?
I chose ETIA because I wanted to get a) a master's degree and b) change my professional direction away from marketing / public relations to something more substantial. And since I have always been extremely interested in politics, economics and environmental issues in an international context, ETIA seemed like the perfect program to me. Also, the fact that people with quite diverse academic and cultural backgrounds are studying together made the course very attractive. 

How was the ETIA master course crucial for your professional development?

Without the ETIA master course and the topic of my thesis (hazardous waste disposal) I would not have been chosen for my current PhD position at TU Wien. Also, I would not have been able to do the traineeship with the solar power company in China right after my graduation, which was a really extraordinary experience.

What advices would you want to give to new prospective students for the ETIA master course - what should they know?
It is a challenging but extremely interesting program, so I recommend to stay focussed and disciplined. However, don't exaggerate it and use your time to make friends and create your own network of students / alumni from the ETIA program but also from the other DA programs. And: Competition is good, but cooperation is often the more sustainable choice. 

What was your funniest experience/one highlight during your ETIA study time?
Oh, there were so many good experiences, hard to think of anything in particular....the excursions to Brussels and Munich (especially the Paradiso night out) were quite legendary! In general our class was blessed with some really great people, so we had many fabulous moments together.

In 10 years I will be….?
The first green German chancellor or a mum with some kids, a dog and another extremely interesting job

What is your motto?
One has to plan so clever that the goal you want to achieve - comes towards you. (Theodor Fontane, German Author)

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