April 30, 2014

Results of Facility Management Study 2013

Since 2005 the IFM-Institute of the Vienna University of Technology carries out an annual survey about status quo and current trends in facility management in Austria.

Within this survey, lead by Prof. Alexander Redlein, facility managers of the 100 biggest Austrian companies are questioned.

The survey of 2013 shows for example that outsourcing of facility services (such as cleaning, maintenance, winter services) remains one of the biggest strategies in facility management. However, companies usually have more than one provider for these services. When choosing their provider, the selection criteria are among others the expertise, the quality of the service provided, and adequate price-performance ratio. Companies do not seem to focus on references or communicational aspects.

An additional outcome of the study is that the biggest potential for economies are in areas such as sources of energy, cleaning and staff. Through process optimization and improved utilzation of the human resources, it is possible to save between 10% and 19% every year.
All in all, the study shows that facility management is becoming more and more important in Austria.

Prof. Alexander Redlein is also the academic director of the Professional MBA Facility Management offered by the Vienna University of Technology, a leading university in research on facility management.

If you are interested in this Professional MBA program, please visit our website for further information. 

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