03. October 2014

Faculty Spotlight: Stefan Hoderlein

Stefan Hoderlein (Boston College) talks about our Master Program in Economics

What are the key aspects of your lecture and your method of teaching?
In fact I was teaching at the level of advanced PhD classes, only slightly less fast and formal. I gave an overview of tools used in modern microeconometrics, in particular nonparametrics, panel data econometrics and treatment effects. I always try to involve the students. Due to the school system students here in Europa are slightly more passive than in the US, but the students at IHS always had answers to my questions and they actively engaged in classroom discussions.
Whenever I asked questions, interesting discussions arose. In my course I offered them quite a lot of loose ends. It is up to the students, to follow them up and develop their own research questions. I dedicated the last session of the course to in class presentations about potential research projects.

What do you think is special about the IHS master´s program?

Most strikingly at IHS I met a small cohort with highly motivated students at a high level of knowledge. Besides this the setup here is very nice and the location in the center of Vienna is very appealing. So in all the IHS provides optimal study conditions - an ideal basis for maximum learning effectiveness.

How would you describe the typical student?
The participants in my course were very motivated, at a high academic level. They seem to be very well prepared and could easily follow a PhD program abroad. Students with a Master like this one could probably enter the 2nd year of a PhD program.

What distinguishes the postgraduate studies at IHS from other programs?
I was also teaching a course at LMU, which has one of the five best German economics departments. In direct comparison to the students there, the students at IHS are more motivated and better prepared. IHS students would also succeed at LSE and the best students will be well prepared to follow one of the top PhD programs in the US.

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