July 20, 2016

Apply Now! Only few places are available for Professional MBA Facility Management

Boost your career with Professional MBA Facility Management!

Managing a building on a daily basis is more than making technology work and using human power: Users want to feel comfortable in the building. Executives create the office environment with the intention to motivate and retain their employees. Facility Management, with its holistic approach, creates added values - economically, ecologically and socially - as it provides the optimal infrastructure for new work environments utilising saving potentials and productivity gains and thus contributing to the long-term success of the company.  Well trained facility managers are therefore in demand both nationally and internationally.

The Professional MBA Facility Management Program (http://fm.tuwien.ac.at) at TU Wien meets all these challenges. Based on an interdisciplinary facility management approach this MBA Program combines business competences with technical know-how focusing on Management, Business and Law. The postgraduate Master Program provides theoretical knowledge and processional know-how in general management as well as in real estate and facility management. Topics of increasing importance such as risk management, compliance, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are covered in the program.

The MBA program aims at persons who are seeking a management education for a management position and who are working or would like to work in the real estate or facility management sector. The program is also perfect for anyone looking for an education imparting profound management and business knowledge while at the same time dealing with the second biggest cost factor for organizations: properties and infrastructure.

As of 22 September 2016 this MBA program will be exclusively run in English.

Apply Now! Only few places are available !

Key facts

  • Program structure: Part-time program, 4 semesters, organized in modules. This allows combining postgraduate study and work.
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Accreditation: The Professional MBA “Facility Management" Program is accredited by two internationally renowned quality assurance institutions, FIBAA and CEPI.
  • Next program start: 22 September 2016
  • Application deadline: The application is for short time possible.

For further information please visit fm.tuwien.ac.at or contact us at fm(at)tuwien.ac.at.

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