December 19, 2016

ImmoABS Excursion to ORBI TOWER

On November 8, 2016 members of the ImmoABS had the opportunity to visit the construction site of the ORBIT TOWER. This office tower is currently one of the most interesting projects because of its site, project planning and project logistics. It will provide 21.600m² of rentable space on 26 floors.

The tour started with the spectacular view on the 18th floor, where the participants could ask the STRABAG project managers many questions. On this floor the shell construction was already finished and further floors were accessible only by foot. Arriving on the 24th floor the group could see the just finished ceiling to the 25th floor. The ORBI Tower is being built with a mimimized time scedule: the floors are built spiraling up. On the currently highest floor one can see the walls and the next ceiling, but also the anchoring of the floor. This way it is possible to built one floor within a week.

The excecuting companies on the site are working together on different levels and in different stages. This way defects or deficiencies in the construction are handled easier and faster.

On the way down to the ground floor the tour led through the process from the shell construction to the finished office space.

Before the tour was over, Mr. Mag. Machart, chairman of IWS (project company), gave some more detailed information on the ORBI Tower. He was proud to announce that more than half of the office space had already been rented and the tower is looking for suitable buyers.

You will find more impressions here.

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