15. November 2016

Production Automation Life - MSc Program Engineering Management

The Engineering Management Program 2015/17 visited the Opel “Aspern” plant on April 19, 2016. This  plant was established 1980  for the new engine and transmission assembly and two years later first production started with 4 speed transmissions and family 1 engines. Nowadays on a total area of 600,000 m2   this plant employs 1.450 people.

This plant is currently the worldwide exclusive location in the General Motors Group for the production of the M20 and M32 drive trains (engine and gear) in more than 50 versions. The   assembly of 4 engines transmissions per minute, which results in 2400 drive trains per day and to an annual production of 1.25 million units. Therefore Opel Vienna is the world’s biggest powertrain factory in the GM Group.

During a 2.5 hours plant visit we got an impression “What is a modern assembly plant”. The different parts to be assembled are delivered “Just in Time – JIT” from various other plants worldwide. Very impressive: Parts from Taiwan with a 6 weeks travel time have to be there with a time tolerance of +/- 2 hours.

Furthermore, not only because of our very engaged guide, we have seen real production automation life, like parts and material transport, assembly robots, quality management……..

A new, impressive experience for us!

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