December 23, 2016

REN Talk „How to found a renewable energy start-up”

These days, everyone talks about start-ups – about 50 guests met on December 16, at TU Wien and wanted to know how to see the point when founding a start-up in the field of renewable energy.
Herwig Springer (CEO i5invest) and Reinhard Haas (TU Wien, Academic Director MSc Renewable Energy Systems) discussed about this up-to-date topic with the participants. Herwig Springer, formerly student of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems talked about his motives to join in i5invest two years ago. He pointed out that the MSc programgave him the boost in the field of renewable energy technology.
His company i5invest supports young start-ups with corporate development and M&A, as well as with seed capital. Joining in advisory board positions they are at the start-up´s disposal at all lifecycle stages.

In his presentation Herwig Springer illustrated four areas in the field of funding and their development during the past years worldwide: energy storage, smart grids, energy efficiency and electric vehicles. Merely at the last area funding increases from 2014-16. Austria has an immense backlog demand founding start-ups. But at the same time the Austrian market is very interesting for non-Austrian companies to found a start-up in Austria. He discussed with Reinhard Haas in which sector would be the highest prospects to found a start-up. Both agreed – in the field of demand-side energy management. Pure technology becomes less interesting, software gains more in importance.

At the Q&A session Herwig Springer faced the participants´questions – a lot of questions – and he responded in detail. At the get-together the participants seized the opportunity to have expert talks. As there have been a number of alumni and students of different classes oft he MSc Renewable Energy Systems they networked to their heart´s content.

Thanks a lot to Herwig Springer for this exciting insight into the topic Start-ups!

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Next program start: November 02, 2017

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