February 22, 2017

MSc Engineering Management - “Financial Wizards”

some of the participants with Prof. Singhal

The weekend with Prof. Rajeev Singhal (Oakland University) was rather enjoyable, even if, in some cases, Corporate Finance may seem a little dull, it is not.
On the contrary! Every decision that a business makes has financial implications and any decision which affects the finances of a business is a corporate finance decision. Defined broadly, everything that a business does is connected under the roof of corporate finance in one way or another.

Rajeev basically is very open and flexible, when it comes to answering questions or adjusting his lectures to fit the needs of his audience in terms of thoroughly discussing real life examples at length.

Some important points addressed were:

  • What long-term investments should the firm engage in?
  • How can the firm raise money for required investments?
  • How much short-term cash flow does a company need to pay its bills? 

Moreover, the above led us from a rather general perspective down to a large variety of calculations and examples to train with. It felt good to go back to ones roots and see what stuck in terms of earlier know how.

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