February 28, 2017

Career Spotlight: Karolina Cegir, BEng MSc

Today in conversation: Karolina Cegir, BEng MSc (Gas Expert, Energy Community Secretariat), Graduate MSc „Renewable Energy Systems“ Class 2011-2013

Can you shortly describe the program?
Good mixture of technical, economical, legal, social and practical topics in friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Did your studies enable you to develop professionally?
Yes, by all means. It has extended horizons and enables solving problems from different perspectives.

Can you apply your knowledge on an international level?
Yes, I work in an international surrounding, from the EU to the Caspian. Gained knowledge on the energy sectors and renewable energy sources employment in the Central and Eastern European countries has special additional value - since their solutions and lessons learned are very much applicable in non-EU countries with which I work.

Do you believe that the program is internationally renowned? What is your experience with your university degree abroad?
Since I do not work exactly in the area of Renewable Energy Sources those questions are hard to be answered, while I do not have comparable references. But, what is recognised and well known is the reputation of TU Wien, if not necessary for RES, then for sure in the energy sector.

What career plans do you have for the next 3-5 years?
To interlink in more structured manner my knowledge and experience on natural gas and Renewables, i.e. to be involved in projects which combine new player "biogas" and existing natural gas infrastructure. Further, waste as a source of energy is extremely interesting to me, and I would like to go into this direction

What is your motto?
Never give up.
(Interview dtd. February 2017)

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