January 31, 2017

Career Spotlight: DI Dr.techn. Cesar Aguiari, MSc

Today in conversation: DI Dr.techn. Cesar Aguiari, MSc (Fitroleum Biochemicals GmbH, Graduate MSc „Renewable Energy Systems“ Class 2010-2012W)

Why did you choose for the master course at TU Wien?
The MSc program Renewable Energy at TU Wien is offering a very interesting combination: On the one hand you will be confronted with all technologies in the field of renewable energy, and students are expected to get to know the relevant planning phases, as well as to become acquainted with the general frameworks and most important planning parameters for the respective technologies. On the other hand economic and political frameworks being the key factors for successfully implementing these technologies are dealt with in-depth. This combination gives a deep insight and is in my opinion the key to successful implementation and roll-out of these technologies.

How was the REN master course crucial for your professional development?
After my graduation and based on the topic of my master´s thesis I founded my own company and began writing my PhD thesis at the Institute of Chemical Engineering at TU Wien (meanwhile successfully completed). You can definitely state, that the master program was giving distinction to my professional development and enhancement. Who knows what life may still bring?

What advices would you want to give to new prospective students for the master course - what you should they know?
Renewable energy technologies are an important part of climate protection and therefore currently are changing worldwide. Technologies, as wind power and PV have shown an impressive positive development and progress, plants have become more cost-efficient and therefore more competitive. New markets are arising day by day and want to be covered. That´s the interesting side of the story. The other side is more challenging: a lot of things still have to grow. You have to bring along a great deal of endurance and creativity to identify, devise and realign the missing pieces of a puzzle. If you want to flower out, you should take up a creative and pro-active stance. The ones who seek a comfortable job are out of place.

You have studied Industrial Engineering - What prompted you to complete an additional degree?
The field of renewable energy aroused my interest long time ago. Some years later and several jobs after my first degree I was convinced that the time for recycling has come. A well-founded postgraduate program would provide me a framework to prepare myself on the challenges in this sector. The MSc program Renewable Energy was definitely the best choice.

Have there been useful contacts and tips during your study?
It is no secret that networking is one of the key assets of this MSc program. You get in touch with experts of the renewable energy sector, and this opens up new vistas for projects and ventures. In this connection I very much appreciate the new focus of the MSc program (not only „CEE“) and reorientating to Germany and other drivers of Energy Turnaround. This will enrich the program´s potential for networking and cooperation – and will make the program even more attractive for future students.

Renewable Energy is a vital topic nowadays. How do you practice environment protection at home?
That´s a good question. My experience with two children at home has shown, that there is fierce resistance to climate protection, no matter whether it concerns recycling of envelopes or switching-off lights in the bath-room. But if we negotiate this hurdle, we will even cope with Mr. Trump ;-).

Which book do you read currently?
Quite recently I´ve read „Das Buch des Wandels“ by Matthias Horx – very interesting. In a nutshell, it´s about how mankind will shape the future. It matches perfectly to our mission being drivers oft he turnaround.

(Interview: January 2017)

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