May 19, 2017


Would you like to let yourself be inspired by great ideas from extraordinary speakers and innovators? Then the upcoming event at TU Wien is the right thing for you!

This is the fist-ever TEDx Talk at TU Wien, comprising lectures on innovation, exhibitions of innovative projects from TU Wien, creative activity areas and various goodies including lunch and coffee breaks. Just to name some highlights, you will see the TU Racing Team Car, a robot, 3D prints, a virtual reality and creative corner, and a lot more. 

Take the chance and meet current students of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, a cooperation program between the Continuing Education Center of TU Wien and WU Executive Academy.

When: Friday, May 26, 2017 from 12.00 noon to 8.00 p.m.

Where: TU's Kuppelsaal, Vienna


What’s TEDx?

TED (short for: Technology Entertainment Design) is an annual event that brings unique ideas to the stage. During this independently organized event, invited speakers from all over the world are eager to present their ideas from various disciplines, which are to serve as the driving force for further innovations in order to shape the future. Afterwards the talks are available online to inspire people around the world. 

What’s behind TEDxTUWien

The original innovation meeting from the state of California is now celebrating its debut at TU Wien with the motto "Prime Mover". A "prime mover" is, in the technical sense, a driving machine that transmits energy from a source of energy into mechanical energy and thereby drives a vehicle. In the meant sense, this means people who have changed our society with their ideas.  


Speakers onboard:

  • Geraldine Fitzpatrick: Professor and head of TU’s Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology and Human Computer Interaction
  • Matthew O’Dowd:  astrophysicist and PhD graduate from NASA´s Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Wolfgang Fasching: extreme athlete and three-time winner of the Race Across America
  • and many more


Tickets and more information are available on the website:

Get this portion of inspiration and join the event!



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