October 17, 2017

We made it! - Final Ceremony „Real Estate Management“

25 new Real Estate Managers

On October 12, 2017 the final ceremony of the 18th class of the certified program “Real Estate Management” took place at TU Wien, accompanied by music of the TU Wien orchestra.

After the welcome words of the Academic Director, Bob Martens, assistant of the department of Spatial Planning of TU Wien Univ. Ass. Mag. Dr. Karin Hiltgartner, E.MA congratulated the alumni class.

Karin Hiltgartner, who is lecturer of the university program, highlighted the current relevance of the program, as well as the diversity of students. She provided some advice for the current alumni in line with her lecture topic on the separation of powers: during their study, the concept applied with goals, attendance and studying followed by exams. In their private life, so Karin Hiltgartner suggested, students should keep legislature – their personal goals, plans and norms – in line with their executive power – the translation of short- and long-term goals into practice by daily decisions – and judiciary power – the personal examination. However, as practiced during their time as students in cozy get-togethers after lectures, the balance between private and professional life should be kept.

After handing over the degrees by the Academic Director, Alexander Baumgartner, winner of the 2015 KURIER scholarship and representative of the alumni body gave an overview of the last two years. He thanked especially all parents, spouses and friends for their support and congratulated his colleagues on their success. Afterwards, the new alumni, their friends and family and the academic team celebrated their success with champagne and snacks.

The Continuing Education Center of TU Wien cordially congratulates the alumni of the program “Real Estate Management”:

Lisa Asamer
Alexander Baumgartner
Stefan Clementschitsch
Petra Danzinger
Stephan Hochleitner
Doris Hofer
Rachel Jungmann
Teresa Kargl
Stefanie Körbisser
Andreas Korherr
Maximilian Kraft
Mirela Kristo
Denise Kuefner
Sandra Mittermann
Marianne Pargan
Christian Pohn
Christopher Preining
Ernestina Rizvanovic
Max Rumpler
Allegra Schekolin
Christoph Schöppl
Bernhard Silberschneider
Valerio-Damiano Stoisser
Moritz Strachwitz
Lukas Wasner

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