September 20, 2017

MSc Engineering Management - Excursion Opel Aspern, Vienna

The participants with Prof. Kopacek (Academic Program Director, TU Wien) at OPEL Aspern, Vienna

On September 19, 2017 the participants of the MSc Program Engineering Management had a very interesting excursion to the Opel plant in Aspern (Vienna).
First they visited an exhibition of the products of the plant mostly motors and gears.

Currently 1600 employees are working there in 3 shifts. The production is running in 3 shifts 5 days in the week. Friday evening till Sunday evening reserved for preventive maintenance. The production philosophy is “Just In Time - JIT” – each part have to be available at the right time on the right place. Therefore the storage capacity is totally minimized. This requires a very high sophisticated logistics.

Each product, engine or transmission systems, is fixed on a pallet with a chip. Therefore the rightness of each production step is checked and stored in the system to guarantee that the product is produced under the defined specifications and requirements. At the end of each line 60 different parameters are tested by an operator. The parallel production lines are highly automated - we saw a lot of lines running only with 1 or 2 operators. Each of these have the permission to stop the production in case of a fault,  without contacting managers.

Recycling and Resources Efficiency is a big theme in the company. For example each year tones of steal wastes were sold out for protecting the environment and saving money. It was a very helpful visit for us because we get insight in modern Production Automation as well as in Management. Thanks to our very engaged guide.

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