December 06, 2017

The Entrepreneurship gene – can entrepreneurship be inherited?

Professor Nikolaus Franke, one of the Academic Directors of the joint professional MBA program offered by the WU Executive Academy and the Continuing Education Center of TU Wien - MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation – discusses in an interview with the Austrian business magazine “trend.” whether an entrepreneurial spirit is a question of inheritance or learning. He comments on this topic based on recent studies which found that genetics actually play a major role in entrepreneurship. 

According to Franke, it is true that children of entrepreneurial families get in touch very early with self-employment. The parents are important role models, mediators of core values and can therefore influence career choices through certain resources. There is also an increasing number of students at WU Wien who come from entrepreneurial families.

Nevertheless, genetics should not be overrated, according to Franke. He says that this is a part - and only a part - of the entrepreneurial potential, but whether it is fulfilled or not depends on the environment. Hence, the responsibility of education and training in the field of entrepreneurship is to unlock and develop this potential.

Full article (in German):

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