January 13, 2018

International Cooperation and Technology Facilitation - Renewable Energy Talk with Patrick Nussbaumer (UNIDO)

On January 11, 2018 we had the pleasure to welcome UNIDO expert Partrick Nussbaumer at the Renewable Energy Talk.

Patrick Nussbaumer is Industrial Development Officer at UNIDO. He develops and implements technical assistance interventions in developing countries in the area of sustainable energy, environmental management, and climate technologies. Prior to joining UNIDO, he worked several years on energy issues in academia, as well as in the private sector. His background is in engineering, and is complemented by a PhD in Environmental Science and Technology.

In his presentation “International Cooperation and Technology Facilitation” he talked about the topic of socio-economic development in relation to environmental and energy questions on a global scale. He presented different models that deal with the possibility of sustainable economic development. He and the audience exchanged views on the different paradigms, the role of innovations and their applicability to specific environmental problems, like for instance the pollution in New Delhi. The lively discussion also focussed on the implementation of technological innovations and the different global drivers and stakeholders. The participants took up on the opportunity to get insights into the work and mandate of the UNIDO in regard to energy and sustainability questions. Patrick Nussbaumer  was also very happy about the interest and the questions from people with different backgrounds.

Over drinks and snacks, Alumni and students of the different programs got together in informal discussions and networking.

The Renewable Energy Talks serve to discuss recent topics and trends in the renewable energy sector with experts in their respective fields. They also are great events for networking and getting to know fellow students and alumni of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems. More information on the upcoming Renewable Energy Talks can be found here.

The Renewable Energy Talks are part of the MSc program Renewable Energy Systems.
For detailed information on this program please visit newenergy.tuwien.ac.at

Next program start: November 15, 2018
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