December 15, 2017

MSc Engineering Management - Edutainment for Mechatronics

The participants in the lab with Prof. and the lab mascot (on the robot)

On December 12th 2017 the Engineering Management Class 2017/19 went for an excursion to the mechatronics and robotics lab. of TU Wien led by Prof. Dr. Kopacek.

The excursion started with an introduction of the various equipment and machines in the lab.. A typical short manufacturing process was presented by first showing a 3D CAD (computer aided design) program and its possibilities and then transferring the data directly onto a CNC machine to produce the designed part.
That gave us a first impression on production automation and networked systems.
After this introduction we had to fulfil several tasks at two kinds of robots. First we had to program an industrial robot to draw a circle on a sheet of paper followed by a hot wire game. The last task was called “Labyrinth”. After fixing the wood plate with the labyrinth in the robot gripper we had to generate a program to move a small ball from a starting point to the goal in the center.  
A humanoid robot then was set up to perform several movements, which were previously taught, either by pressing a button on the robot itself or by using one of the sensors to initiate the program. For this an appropriate source code had to be written.

Closing the excursion the professor presented the opening of one of the TU balls performed by the soccer robot team “AUSTRO” in ball robes and tuxedos dancing the Danube Waltz.  
Mechatronics at its finest and a good preparation for some of us for the TU ball 2018.

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