March 21, 2018

Spring Awakening in our seminar offer: Expand your expertise

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Make use of our wide range of theoretical and practical seminars and start spring equipped with relevant know-how. Deepen your knowledge in construction and building in the course earthquake proofing of buildings, learn to make computer simulations faster and more efficient using code parallelization and dive into modeling and simulation with the program MatCalc. Register now to secure a spot!

Earthquake proofing of buildings, basic and in-depth course

Earthquake proofing of existing buildings is subject to specific requirements. The standards and requirements are taught in this special seminar in German. It trains participants to evaluate buildings according to its age, to carry out the required calculations and to assess the results. Immerse yourself in the depths of statics and construction dynamics and train your know-how in practice-oriented examples. Further information >>

Courses in wood construction engineering

In the one-day course “Construction methods and verification management” to computer-supported calculation of wood constructions you will get to know the construction methods for wall and floor ceiling constructions and their structural calculations in common statics software. Further information >>

Parallel Programming: MPI, Open MP and Hybrid Programming

Boost your computer simulations by writing parallel code – in three courses with different focal points we present the possibilities of parallel programming and show you how to process and manage large data sets efficiently. Hands-on exercises allow you to understand and test the underlying concepts immediately.
VSC Shared memory parallelization with Open MP. Further information >>
VSC Parallelization with MPI. Further information >>
VSC Introduction to Hybrid Programming in HPC. Further information >>

MatCalc Basic and Advanced

You are a material scientist, physicist or chemist dealing with simulation processes of solid-state material? Get an introduction in the modeling and simulation of stable and metastable phase equilibria and the kinetics of phase transformation in solid-state materials using the software MatCalc. Register early for our summer courses in English!
MatCalc Basic Thermokinetic Simulations. Further information >>
MatCalc Advanced Microstructure Simulations. Further information >>

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