April 03, 2018

MSc Engineering Management - Metrology could be “fun”

The class “metrology like” with Prof. Durakbasa in the lab

On January 23rd, 2018, after completing Metrology and TQM classes, the Engineering Management Class 2017 visited the Metrology Lab, at TU Wien, led by Prof. Dr. Durakbasa.

The metrology laboratory is designed to provide to the end user traceability of measurement, proper environment, appropriate measuring equipment, and standard measuring procedures consistent to the state of the art. In every metrology lab there are certain environment conditions that need to be fulfilled, such as temperature, temperature rate of change, relative humidity, dust, vibration, lightning and acoustic noise. Because of this, before stepping into the rooms with the equipment we were provided with gloves and plastic shoe covers.

After that we were introduced to various measuring equipment in the laboratory, such as: Interferometer laser, Taylor-Hobson surface measurement device, Atomic force microscope, Coordinate measuring machine, Keyence digital microscope, Zeiss UMM 500, 3D printer and 3D scanner.

The lab team gave us an insight in various measurement methods on different materials. Very interesting for us was Burcak’s hair in high enlargement. Note: She should change the shampoo.

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