May 29, 2018

MSc Engineering Management - an excursion to QiTASC: The Magic of Testing

During our Engineering Management MSc program, on 20th March 2018, we were invited to visit QiTASC GmbH and interact with CEO Michael.

We received a very warm welcome by QiTASC CEO Michael as soon as we stepped into the QiTASC office. CEO Michael gave us insight of QiTASC  and their product INTACT. “Nilou” (QiTASC Austria Point of contact) served us drinks and snacks during our conversation with CEO.

QiTASC GmbH is a fast growing product development IT Company, specialized in providing Test automation solution to Telecom companies like Vodafone Germany. Which is 70% of “QiTASC GmbH” revenue generator. QiTASC GmbH was started in 2012 by CMO (Chief Marketing officer) CAN and CEO Michael and Denise.

They have currently over 57 employees mainly from Austria, Germany, India and Hungary. Over the years, using their principle test-driven development and continuous delivery, they have developed a fantastic product INTACT (INtelligent Test Automation Configuration Tool) to get the QiTASC job in testing and process optimization the best way possible.

QiTASC provide Solution oriented approach to reach their client, it means; QiTASC team of experts provide a solution that is tailored to client specific automated testing needs. QiTASC is using an Agile development approach to bring the product faster to the end customer.

INTACT® is a test automation tool used for end-to-end testing of real devices and web/mobile applications. It also includes a reporting tool, bug tracking and an automated verification service.
In telecommunications, INTACT® dynamically supports the introduction of new services, technologies and legal requirements. With the touch of a button, complex end-to-end testing scenarios are run. On a technical level, this also leads to considerable benefits in reducing the duration of launching processes for new products. The result is not only better quality, but also a higher economic efficiency of telephone service providers.

INTACT® offers a range of features that allow client to execute and validate automated end-to-end tests based on complex use cases spanning multiple domains.

Our excursion was amazing, very important and beneficial from an engineering management point of view. In this course, we are not only learning, interacting and sharing our thought/ideas about management but also about engineering technology. During the 2 hours of discussion with CEO Michael we learned that to be a great professional leader and to make any company successful one has to have a blend of management skills as well as knowledge in technology.

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