08. June 2018

Renewable Energy Talk: Why Renewables are unstoppable mit Roger Hackstock (Verband Austria Solar)

Donnerstag, 05. Juli 2018 um 18:30
Why Renewables are unstoppable
Roger Hackstock (Verband Austria Solar)

Um Anmeldung bis zum 28. Juni 2018 wird gebeten: newenergy(at)tuwien.ac.at
Ort: TU Wien, Seminarraum Bibliothek, Resselgasse 4, 5. Stock, 1040 Wien

Die Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt.

In the last two decades renewable energy has proofed to be a sufficient and reliable energy source, that can meet all our energy demands in the future. Meanwhile renewable energy is taking over the energy system step by step, due to falling costs and increasing efficiency. By the paris climate agreement the world heads to a carbon free future, which will make renewable energy the major energy source in 2050 latest.

Roger Hackstock studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Vienna, specialized in environmental technology. He has worked in the energy transition for almost three decades and worked in the Ministry of Science, the Institute for Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as management assistant in the Austrian Energy Agency, program manager in the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and as independent energy policy consultant. As a long-term managing director of Austria Solar, he caused a marketing sensation worldwide with the first solar annual report 2012, which was only visible in sunlight. He is a member of the think tank Energy Academy and lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. In 2014 he published his book "Energiewende - the revolution has already started", in 2017 his second book "Flexible and free. How a comprehensive energy transition changes our lives." (both published in german).

The Renewable Energy Talks serve to discuss recent topics and trends in the renewable energy sector with experts in their respective fields. They also are great events for networking and getting to know fellow students and alumni of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems. More information on the upcoming Renewable Energy Talks can be found here.

The Renewable Energy Talks are part of the MSc program Renewable Energy Systems.
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