June 19, 2018

Clean Biogas: TU Wien presents desulphurization technology

At ACHEMA, the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry, Prof. Michael Harasek, lecturer of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems, and his team presented a new method to desulphurize toxic hydrogen sulphide in a simple and efficient way. This technology was developed at TU Wien and is already patented. This new plant is more compact, faster and more flexible than other technologies and might be the breakthrough for the biogas technology.

“The composition of biogas depends very much on the natural recourses used to produce it”, explains Prof. Michael Harasek. “Especially, when the gas is produced out of material rich in protein, it contains a large proportion of hydrogen sulphide”. The hydrogen sulphide leads to corrosion when burnt. Sulphureous biogas cannot be used for the electricity production, unless it is treated before. “Feeding the sulphureous gas into the grid is also not possible, because the allowed limits of hydrogen sulphide are very low (5 mg/m³) says Harasek.

To separate the sulphide from the biogas, highly effective and low-cost methods are needed. At TU Wien they developed a chemical washing process, where the sulphurous gas is separated by using sodium hydroxide.

“Our plant is not only significantly easier and more compact than other technologies, its great advantage lies in the fact that it can adapt very quickly to variable sulphide concentration”, stresses Harasek. “Biological methods using bacteria often need hours to adapt to new conditions. With our method, we can adjust the sodium hydroxide within seconds. “
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Prof. Harasek also teaches this state of the art knowledge with a high practice orientation in the MSc Renewable Energy Systems. In the module “Biomass, Biogas & Biofuels” he lectures on the feed in of biogas into the grid and in the module “Perspectives on the Use of Renewable Energy” our students learn about the topic of Power-to-Gas storage directly from the expert!

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