October 02, 2018

Start of the second academic year at TU Wien for the MSc Program “Environmental Technology and International Affairs”

What students have to say about the program

On the occasion of the info session on October 1, 2018, 23 students of the eleventh ETIA class received update information on the second academic year (“TU year“) at TU Wien by the Academic Director and the Program Manager who gave detailed information about upcoming lectures, excursions and the Master´s Thesis process.

Later in the afternoon the official lectures started with “Basics of Physics and Mathematics for Environmental Studies“ with Prof. Paul E. Wagner from the University of Vienna.

Nargiz Bizhanova, a student of ETIA11, on the semester start at the TU Wien: “I very much enjoyed our first day. I am very happy to get back to studying and am looking forward to learning more about topics such as air, water, sustainability, environmental problems and their future solutions.”

Student Jasmin Ahmad comments on the expectations for the TU year as follows: "What I heard about the academic year at the TU Wien sounds very good. The word is that the “ETIAs” get hired before they have even officially finished their studies. To me, that is a great perspective for such a high-quality and at the same time so challenging program!"

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