Das MSc-Programm schließt mit dem Verfassen einer Masterthese ab. Hier sehen Sie einen Überblick aller fertiggestellten Masterthesen.
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Gizem Akar | 2016

Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model for Small Open Economy: Austria

Dorisz Albrecht | 2017

Boosting MCMC Estimation of Stochastic Volatility Models

Bence András Bardóczy | 2015

Unemployment and non-participation : history dependence in job finding probabilities

Claudia Ciuciu | 2015

Introducing tariff data in the gravity equation

Felipe Cotta Dávila e Silva | 2017

Cointegration Analysis of the Monetary Model of Exchange Rate Determination

Xuefei Dang | 2011

Modeling Exchange Rate Volatilities in Emerging and Developed Markets

Aurélie Chantal Anne-Marie De Gournay | 2015

The impact of minimum wage on the labour market of an economy with a large informal sector : the case of Indonesia

Ashim Dubey | 2014

Heterogeneous Beliefs, Realtive Wealth Concerns, and Sharpe Ratios

Zahra Ebrahimi | 2010

Barrierefreier Zugang in öffentlichen Gebäuden und öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln

Richard Foltyn | 2012

Wage cyclicality: New evidence from the Survey of Income and Program Participation

Richard Franz | 2010

A Tourism Sector Credit Default Model

Shahabeddin Gharaati | 2017

Testing Efficiency of Stock Markets and Their Implications for Predictability of Stock Returns

Stefan Girstmair | 2017

Unemployment In Austria: Job Losing and Job Finding

James Glover | 2017

Contracting Under Asymmetric Information and Asymmetric Awareness

Roman Goncharenko | 2013

Estimating the Euler Equation from the basic C-CAPM Using a Large Set of Possible Instruments

Fabian Greimel | 2015

Financial frictions and the interbank market

Nikola Grga | 2016

Banking, Liquidity and Bank Runs: Replication and Analysis of the Solution Method of Gertler/Kiyotaki (2015)

Andreas Gulyas | 2011

Human Capital Depreciation and the Cyclical Behavior of Unemployment and Vacancies

Philipp Hergovich | 2014

Housing and the Redistributive Effects of Monetary Policy

Péter Horváth | 2015

Parameter estimation of a mixed frequency vector autoregressive model of order 1

Maximilian Huber | 2016

Recourse in a Collateral Equilibrium Model

Joachim Hubmer | 2013

Self-Enforcing Climate Change Treaties: A Game Theoretic Approach

Casandra Hutchinson | 2014

Evaluating health interventions: Child Mortality and Insecticide-Treated-Net Distribution Programs in sub-Saharan Africa

Ana Ila | 2011

The Relationship between the Underground Economy & the Developments in the official Economy in Croatia

Arpád Illyes | 2017

The effect of information on ambiguous portfolio choices

Thomas Jungbauer | 2011

Games under Strategic Uncertainty

Bernhard Kasberger | 2013

The Strategic Equivalence of Extensive Form Games Revisited

Amirmohammad Kazempouresmati | 2015

Multi-attribute search with general value function and jointly distributed attributes

David Koll | 2013

Stock Market Bubbles and Business Cycles

György Kozics | 2015

Modeling favoritism with an imperfect information repeated game

Agnes Kügler | 2010

Reputation and Certification in Online Shops

Elizaveta Lukmanova | 2014

Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy: Theory and Evidence

Gregor Lüschen | 2013

Endogenous Technical Progress and Business Cycles

Fruzsina Mayer | 2014

Labor market polarization in the U.S. - An empirical approach

Lukas Mayr | 2013

Monetary Policy in Models with Financial Frictions

Karol Mazur | 2014

Subsidy to Search: Welfare Consequences of Benefit Entitlements for Quitters

Emma McKeown | 2017

The Impact of Labour Force Histories on Future Employment

Simon Neumüller | 2011

Intermediaries in Trade

Thi Bich Ha Nguyen | 2010

Cross Sectional Dependence and PPP

Josué Alberto Ortega Sandoval | 2014

The Discrete Vickrey Auction and the Role of Ties

Franz Peter Ostrizek | 2014

Essays on Contract Theory with Unawareness of Actions

Anna Pavlova | 2011

Parameter estimation of stochastic volatility models

Bozidar Plavsic | 2016

Intensity of competition and technological progress

Clemens Possnig | 2016

Booms, Busts and Informational Cascades in a Sequential Trade Model

Péter Pusztai | 2016

A Simple Model with Wealth and Frictional Labor Markets

Zoltán Rácz | 2017

Fiscal Policy in the Presence of an Illiquid Asset and Household Heterogeneity

Maria Repkova | 2013

Evaluating labour market programs using propensity score methods

Johanna Luise Reuter | 2016

Job creation over the business cycle and the theory of poaching explored for the case of Austria

Andreea Rotarescu | 2016

Nonemployment and occupational mobility: Life-cycle evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

Alexander Satdarov | 2014

Oligopolistic Pricing with Heterogeneous Firms and Sequential Consumer Search

Stefan Schneeberger | 2011

Optimal Strategies for Apartment Hunting

Béla Szabadi | 2012

Revenue-Maximizing Combinatorial Auctions in a Simplified Setting

Balin Szöke | 2013

Directed Search with Saving

László Tétényi | 2014

Learning Rare Disasters

Gábor Uhrin | 2012

Competition and Nonlinear Pricing in Telecommunications

Rainer Widmann | 2012

Club Voting with Probabilistic Preferences

Lisa Windsteiger | 2011

Indicators for Banking Crises in Europe

Leopold Zessner-Spitzenberg | 2015

Targeted forecasts for policy makers

Gabriel Ziegler | 2014

Monopolistic Competition, Idiosyncratic Productivity and Information Constraints

Simon Zuzek | 2017

Peer effect estimation through a covariate-adjusted Regression Discontinuity Design
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