Ao.Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Prof.h.c. Dr.h.c. M. Numan Muhammet Durakbasa

TU Wien, Institut für Fertigungstechnik

Graduated from Vienna University of Technology. cum-laude doctors degree in production engineering and metrology.

Head of Interchangeable Manufacturing and Industrial Metrology of the Institute of Production Engineering and Laser Technology, and Precision Metrology Laboratory at Vienna University of Technology, Austrian expert in the international technical Committee ISO/TC 213 "Geometrical Product Specifications and Verification", as well as ISO/TC 176 “Quality Management and Quality Assurance". Chairman of the Austrian Standard Committee ON-K 031 “Geometrical Product Specifications and Verification, Technical Product Documentation“; Expert of the Austrian Standard Committees “Quality Management Systems” and “Nano technologies and Nano materials”, Austrian representative in the International Measurement Confederation IMEKO and expert in the TCs (TC 14, TC 7), Founder member of Austrian “Forum Qualitäts-Wissenschaften – FQW”. Long-standing international practical experience as “Quality System Auditor” and in the training and certification of quality professionals. Experience in the development and implementation of management systems, in Accreditation of Inspection bodies, in Accreditation of Certification bodies for Certification of Management Systems.

Research Interests
His major research areas are: Interchangeable manufacturing, precision engineering, precision metrology, geometrical product specification and verification - GPS, micro- and nanotechnology, co-ordinate metrology, quality management, integrated management, CAQ, industrial metrology, measurement techniques, calibration, certification, assessment, inspection, standardization.

12 books, more than 400 scientific papers

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