Dr. Michael Harasek

Dr. Michael Harasek

Technische Universität Wien

Dr. Michael Harasek is assistant professor at the Vienna University of Technology, he received his PhD in chemical engineering from the same university. As head of the research group “Thermal Process Engineering - Computational Fluid Dynamics” he guides a team of fourteen PhD students and post-docs at the Institute of Chemical Engineering.

For more than twenty years, he has been working on the design of new processes and technologies in the process industries and related fields. A major part of his research work is dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly technologies focussing on membrane processes and the integration of renewable energy pathways, e.g. the production of biofuels, and the production and upgrading of biogas.

With his group, he is partner in numerous national and international research projects, currently he also coordinates a FP7-SME project. Michael Harasek works also on the application of experimental and computational fluid dynamics in many fields of chemical engineering for process analysis and optimization. He is author or co-author of more than 50 publications and 7 patents.

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