Alexander Bauer

Alexander Bauer

Energiecomfort Energie- und Gebäudemanagement GmbH

Alexander Bauer is responsible for the department “Energiemanagement” since 2005. The core business is “energy services”
The main focus is the conceptual energy supply of buildings, municipalities and urban districts.
Important topics are: decentral generation of energy, use of renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative Technology.

Beside of the function as authorized officer of Energiecomfort, he is also the CEO of “Ortswärme Seefeld/Tyrol (biomass heating plant) and CEO of “Ortswärme Oberstaufen/Bayer (biomass power plant).

Since March 2012 division manager “sales & product management”.
Core themes are market cultivation and the development of services and combinations of market maturity alternative decentralized energy supply systems.

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